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The industrial research laboratory was established Europe in November 1995 and was named Mitsubishi Electric Information Technology Centre Europe.  The R&D centre was split over two sites, TCL located in Rennes (France) dedicated to Telecommunications and VIL in Guilford (UK) dedicated to Visual and Information Processing.
On 1st October 2008, Mitsubishi Electric Information Technology Centre Europe officially changed its name to Mitsubishi Electric R&D Centre Europe to act the new mission and strategy of our centre to contribute not only to communication and visual systems but also to a brand new activity dedictated to energy and environment.
Mitsubishi Electric Corporation as a whole is committed to provide efficient and innovative solutions related to energy & environment and will contribute to the development of a "green" society by factorising its core competences in electrical, mechanical and communication domains.
Mitsubishi Electric R&D Centre Europe recently published a new organisation to incorporate the newly created activity on energy and environment. This organisation is based on three different divisions:

- Communications in MERCE-France


- Energy and Environment spread over MERCE-France & MERCE-UK



For more information related to these divisions, please visit our dedicated web sites.