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Energy & Environment

Mitsubishi Electric is already playing an aggressive role in tackling environmental concerns in Europe by supplying the market with efficient energy saving air conditioners, Air-to-Water systems, and industry leading photovoltaic technology.

Our Energy and Environment R&D divisions aim at strengthening our contribution to reducing CO2 emissions in two important ways; by developing novel technologies to further improve the performance of air conditioners, and by allowing us to develop photovoltaic systems with even higher efficiency. Other areas of research includes power electronics related technology, and international standardisation in the environment and energy fields.

There are two divisions, one being located in France, the other being located in UK :

Power Electronic Systems division is developing novel power circuit designs, associated control systems, with integration and system-level approach to our product portfolio.


Heating Ventilation Air Conditioner Systems division is developing novel technologies to realise high-performance and user-friendly air conditioners and air-to-water systems.